Some days I look back and wonder, just how I made it this far? Last year, I appeared healthy and strong. I was oxygen free, breathing, but at times struggling for breath. Sometimes, walking in from the school’s parking lot to my beloved library was a chore! I had no idea how things would spiral downward. I was determine to complete the school year–I really thought all I needed was some Summer rest and pleasure. As you all know, that was not simply the case. And, so the question is: How did I ever make it this far?

I know—it was through support from colleagues, friends, family and the students I served. I am grateful to those students at Liberty Point Elementary in Union City, Georgia who offered to carry my bookbag or open the door for me. And today, I am making it because of a beautiful and spiritual woman, although unemployed, yet, she saw a need to give a donation; the students of Brown University and students around the world who have given their support, college classmates, (Dillard) graduate (UNT)school classmates, high school mates (N.E.), and the friends of friends who shared my story.

Now, I am wonderfully blessed because of you. However, more importantly, you are blessed because of your faithfulness, your compassion, and your understanding of what it truly means to be your brothers keeper! These remarkable acts of kindness, and the support that is being demonstrated today, will contribute to a healthy outcome for me. Consequently, no matter the size of your donation—it is having a major impact because together, your donations offer consolation, provide hope, and ultimately sustain life!

To Make a Donation Now

  • Click on the Donate button
  • You may mail donations to: Deborah Gail Simmons, 420 N. Fayette Drive, Fayetteville, GA 30214
  • Any funds received will be transferred into an account established at the Georgia Transplant Foundation once the account has been assigned.

Thank you for your support and prayers!